Questionnaire Used to Assess Schools

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I have constructed the following questionnaire designed to assess the effectiveness of a school's bilingual/ESL education programs. The school information section is for gathering general school information. The other areas address key assessment areas. They include:

bullet Inclusion
bullet Enrichment
bullet Flexibility
bullet Coordination
bullet Internal Impetus
bullet Student's Social and Emotional Needs
bullet Student and Faculty Assessment

School Information
bullet How many students does the school have?
bullet What grade levels are represented?
bullet What percentage of students are eligible for free or reduced price lunch?
bullet What percentage of the student population are LEP?
bullet What is the percentage breakdown by Ethnicities of LEP students?
bullet What types of programs, by grade level, are implemented for LEP students? For example : Two-Way? Transitional, Sheltered?
bullet Is there a pre-school/middle school program that dovetails with the elementary program?
bullet How are programs for LEP integrated into the rest of the school? Are they integral to the way the school is organized and functions?
bullet Does the school use alternative groupings of students and teachers? (families, wing, etc.) If so, how has this effected the school environment, relationships with students, scheduling and instructional effectiveness?
bullet What efforts are made to involve parents in the school and their children's education? What staff addresses this? What outreach programs exist for parents? How are home/school communications handled? How influential is your school BAC?
bullet What is your daily schedule? How does it vary from day to day?
bullet Are writer's workshop and journal writing used in the classroom?
bullet Are your reading, writing, speaking and listening programs whole language and literature based? How is reading literature developed or selected?
bullet Do your students work in collaborative groups? Are science, math and social studies taught collaboratively?
bullet Is your curriculum integrated by thematic units?
bullet How do teach to the different talents and learning styles of your students?
bullet How is technology employed in the classroom and school?
bullet How are desks arranged? How are classroom transitions handled? What percentage of time are the students on-task? What behavioral control and classroom management techniques do the teachers use?
bullet Is the secondary language used in the classroom by students and teachers? If so, what is the ratio of primary to secondary usage? How is this monitored?
bullet How frequently does staff observe other staff?
bullet Are students grouped differently by age/grade level, subject, primary language and English proficiency? If so how are they grouped?
bullet Is transition mandated at a certain grade or individually assessed?
bullet Are parents given a choice on what programs their child may be involved in?
bullet How are students grouped during different times of the day and during instruction in different subjects?
bullet Are blocks of time used effectively or is instruction done in small chunks?
bullet What after school and summer instructional programs are used by the school?
bullet Is team teaching done at the school? Do LEP and FEP/English only teachers coordinate their efforts?
bullet How are paraprofessionals, part-time teachers and resource teachers utilized?
Internal Impetus
bullet Does the school have a unique, school-wide vision of education for language minority students?
bullet Does the faculty have a role in hiring new staff? Setting curriculum priorities? Staff development funds allocation?
bullet How much time are teachers given to prepare lessons? What role does faculty have in setting the daily schedule? Do teachers have time to plan in teams?
bullet What external partner(s) does the school rely upon and in what ways? (curriculum development, teacher training, etc.)
bullet Is the staff well trained in secondary language acquisition and bilingual education?
bullet How are decisions made in the school? What committees are setup and what are there functions?
bullet What is the level of financial and administrative support at the District level? Funding? Site based management? Facilitation between feeder schools?
Students Needs
bullet Does the school play a proactive role in counseling students and instructing them in areas ranging from self-esteem, life skills, gang awareness and drug use?
bullet What after school/outreach programs does the school have? Does the school coordinate its efforts with social workers, health practitioners, parents, community leaders, etc?
bullet What efforts does the school make to affirm the student's cultural identity?
bullet How do teachers assess student growth and development? Is portfolio assessment used? Is assessment authentic and systematic?


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