My students and I

Dear Grandma,

I will always treasure my memories of you.


I remember when I was only eight or nine celebrating family thanksgiving dinner at your home in Manhatten Beach. I remember the smells, light and warmth that filled your kitchen. I remember that beautiful seaside home and how you made it so special and safe. I remember Alice, your maid and her kindness and concern for my well being. I remember the very sweet Bubbles- a dog as patient and understanding as my own.

I remember the time my mother, brothers and I spent the summer in Manhatten Beach while my father looked for work. I remember how you and Grandpa took care of us and watched over our needs. How you bountifully filled your kitchen to feed us and gave us everything we needed to enjoy the summer. I remember the kitchen conversations with the family- everything. I remember, that summer, when you took me to the pediatrician to have my back checked because you were concerned over my posture.

I remember when my brothers and I left Maryland and returned with our father to New York.


I remember you taking us in until we could find a place to live. Of course I will never forget how you cared and watched over us while we lived with our father in Staten Island under very difficult conditions. How you purchased a bed for us and made arrangements for our trip back to our mother. I remember how you kept in constant touch and continually reminded my mother of our plight.

I remember I remember how you took me in, quite literally from the cold, when I had no place to live. I remember how you clothed me and gave me food and money to resume my education. Most importantly, I remember your faith in me. It was due to you that I was able to find a place to live, complete my college education and ultimately enter the workplace.

I never doubted your friendship and love over the years- never.

You have made the lives of my brothers and I infinitely richer by your presence- by who you are. Always remember that your greatest success is also that which is the most important in life- the love of another human being. Our family is very fortunate to have you. I will always treasure my memories of you.

Love & Happy Birthday

My Grandmother and I

Who loved when so many others did not care. A devoted friend with a great and good heart. A light in the darkness.

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