Professional Services
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Marketing Consulting

bullet Help refine and develop focused business and marketing plans.
bullet Develop highly specialized marketing and consulting approaches.
bullet Expand partnering relationships with consulting firms and third party vendors.
bullet Design and implement seminars, newsletters, focused mailings and press releases.

Practical Business Consulting

bullet Manufacturing and accounting mid-market software migrations, implementations and training.
bullet Selection, evaluation and implementation of ERP, SCM, HR, CRM, construction, shipping, bar coding, service, retail and distribution solutions. Expertise in Microsoft Great Plains ERP and related solutions.
bullet Address complex enterprise financial and management reporting needs. Expertise in Crystal Enterprise, Cognos ReportNet, Data Warehousing, ETL, Transact SQL and related solutions/technologies.
bullet Business process analysis and documentation of current business requirements, processes, goals, objectives, vision and strategies.
bullet Implement various business and information enabling technologies such as effective web design, e-business, c-commerce, messaging/collaboration and Internet/Intranet access.
bullet Advise companies on systems integration issues involving networking technology, systems integration, data communications, distributed computing, application and database development.
bullet Strategic Assessment, Planning, Execution, Quality Control and Administration at all business levels.


bullet Ability to rapidly understand business issues, requirements and processes in a variety of areas and help companies improve efficiencies and set strategic directions through assessment, strategy formulation, execution, quality control and administration.
bullet Ability to effectively manage projects with accountability and proper assessment of staff readiness.
bullet Strong knowledge worker and business intelligence skills and approaches.
bullet Dynamic speaker. Knowledgeable in group facilitation techniques. Ability to think at multiple levels and keep the "big picture" in mind (global) while addressing the myriad small decisions that ultimately determine success or failure (analytic). Strategic thinker.



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