July 7, 1992-January 7, 2007
Always with me

In my darkness you shined your love.
 Now that my life is filled with love, your love
still brings tears to my eyes- eternal & true.

Tasha3B.jpg (573444 bytes) Tasha

A patient, unforgetting friend, a happy being, a gentle soul and a great spirit. Who has taught me more than I could ever teach her. Who loves life and is loved by all. Tasha, you can never know how much I love you. My days with you an eternal Spring. The world born to breathe your love.

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Tasha was set free yesterday afternoon, January 7th, 2007. Brilliant beauty, loving, lovely- no adjectives can begin to describe what she was to me. She taught me the lesson of unconditional love. She will always be with me. To the end we grew closer. Over the course of only seven days we both went through periods of great closeness, intense bonding- a strong desire to stay together and eventually an acceptance that what was could never be and that we were to live our lives as we had always lived it- with joy. Tasha came to understand she could never be well and neither one of us saw the need to continue the pain we were both sharing. What keep her alive was love. Ultimately her body became so full of toxins that while the love never left, the pain for both of us was too great- certainly for me. She was my beloved child. Tasha was a great maternal soul, yet playful and joyful, both a baby and a wise spirit. She always cared for me and on her last night told me what I needed to know- she comforted me and told me that whatever I decided would be right. In her last days every caress was precious for both her and I. Each moment of love relieved some of the pain and gave us hope. We both believe our spirits are eternal and that we are still together and will be reunited as well.

We love each other. Without you I would not know the meaning of love.

The Rainbow Bridge


 I love...

The way you stare at me when I am studying or working. Ever watchful, smiling.

The way you smile and jump for joy when I become happy or excited and get out of the way when my mood turns sour.

The way you kiss little children and people in wheel chairs. You who love without limits, without preconception- in pure radiance.

The way you kiss your cat friends, a true cat dog. How can I forget when you spied Mazy (your boy friend, a large standard poodle) and his mother driving their car through the parking lot- How you ran up to the car and jumped up on the side of the car to kiss Mazy- as Mazy extended his very large body through the car window to kiss you. A real life "101 Dalmatians" love affair. How excited and happy you become as we drive by Mazy's house or visit his mom.

The way you are jealous of your cat brother, Sindar, if you think he is getting to much attention. Yet, how you love and miss him when you are separated. He loves you to.

The way you try so hard to please me if you think you have done wrong and the joy when you think you are forgiven.

The way you smile with understanding.

The way you kiss me when I go to sleep and greet me watchfully in the morning, patiently waiting for a sign of life and responding with a tail ceaselessly wagging.

The way you press your wet nose against my leg while we're walking letting me know you are there and that you love me- a soft kiss and reminder.

The way you
kiss me every time I arrive home and can't wait to get my socks for our "sock game". A true sock fiend.

The way you think every neighbor's apartment is your own and go through front doors as if you belonged- everywhere.

The way you treat every neighbor as a friend-and how you give them a cheerful barking reminder if they don't come out to greet you right away.

The way you never forget a place, a friend.

The way you play in the ocean, always the first to jump in and splash, beckoning me to throw the ball, the way you love the cool water, the small crashing of waves on the shore, the ocean breeze, the smell of salt water, the sand for endless digging, the warm sun, the small ocean birds for chasing - everything.

The way you are the first to look up if an airplane flies overhead or turn you head if an ambulance passes.

The way you retrieve balls thrown into the ocean, ever a watchful eye, sometimes swimming the waves, sometimes patiently waiting till the ball comes close enough to shore to retrieve. The way you gently return the ball to my hand and await your reward- a kiss.

The way you love to find seagull feathers on the beach and bring them to me for our little game of "magic feather retrieve". The way I toss sea weed in the air and how you love to rip into it and proudly bring me the pieces.

The way you gently snuggle up to me when I am reading in bed- looking for a tummy rub... and yes, how divine are those back rubs!

The way you patiently wait in the bathtub for ten minutes while I attend to other things, allowing your shampoo to works its way into your glistening white coat.

The way you and I eat together on the floor- how you never touch my food, even if I walk away, patiently waiting for what "scraps" I may leave when I am done. What self control and devotion!

The way you wait for me in the bank, nuzzling little children, carefully adjusting your stay to always keep me in sight and lovingly advancing with me on line if that is what I choose.

The way you sense and anticipate my every wish, never wishing to displease me, always wanting to be a "good girl."

The way during your adolescent "crisis periods," I would sit you down for long father/daughter talks- and the way you would seem to listen, as if you understood my words and change your behavior to that of a "good girl." Sometimes I think you understand a lot more than I give you credit for.

The way you
drink your water on my command when I ask if you're thirsty.

The way you love when I throw the ball way up in the air and then acrobatically jump to catch it in mid air. The way you catch when I throw to you on the run. The way I throw the ball behind my back and your quick dashes to catch it.

The way we fake out larger dogs who try to steal your ball by our sophisticated passing and receiving formations. An NFL pass receiver would be envious. Watch out Jerry Rice!

The way we frustrate beginning dog obedience classes by your "mean" master having you retrieve balls while you run through their training circle - causing every dog to try to chase after you with frustrated owners holding on to their leashes for dear life. I never said I was perfect.

The way you forgive my bad moods and know where to hide.

The way you walk by my side, without chain, without leash, without command- simply because you love me and wish to experience the joy of being beside me.

The way you obey the down/stay while I run on the track, turning you head to make sure you always have me sight.

The way you run and walk, so graceful, like a dancer.

The way you go after "junk food"- an incurable addict.

The way you and your cat brother alternate eating ice cream off of the lid- patiently and excitedly waiting your turn as all three of us finish our desert.

The way you play "bite"- so gentle and loving.

The way you love to play with your Squegee (Squeeze) toy. The way you rip into it and on command immediately give it back to me for more fun- play growling as I pull it from your mouth and loving every minute of your mock viciousness. Oh, yes, and I must not forget how you always know where your favorite toy is- always.

The way you
bark- that high pitched Eskie screech, so annoying but so reassuring. How I would miss it.

The way you learned to "rub" against me from your cat brother, finding another way to show your boundless love and devotion.

The way you dig moats around me on the beach and then stand guard- not letting any other person or animal invade "our beach home".

The way you smile, God how I love the way you smile- that mystic smile.

The way you have taught me to teach you.

The way you fell asleep in my arms as a puppy.

The way I remember seeing you for the first time and knowing instantly your name and that you were mine- forever.

The way you coughed away the first six months of your life yet never stopped playing, not for a moment.

The way you chewed the carpeting a puppy- along the fringes to avoid notice.

The way you jump over puddles and avoid closed (and open) manholes.

The way you toss the pillows when I go out- a brief bout of frustration.

The way you "down stay" off leash in front of the busiest stores. Always faithful, awaiting my return.

The way you kiss me every time I feed you, grateful for your dinner.

The way you
love to go to Nordstrom's (Petco), your favorite pet store and run down the isles, smelling all the wonderful dog treats and finally getting yummies from the people at the counter. Shopping is FUN!!

The way you walk down the aisles of the local Barnes and Noble with me- off leash and loving the attention you get from amazed store patrons. The way you stay by me as I read the books and browse through the magazines.

The way you greet complete strangers- with love, kisses and total acceptance.

The way you lay down and lovingly watch me while I work. I, no less an object of her love, than she mine.

The way you play with puppies and love to "take advantage" of their clumsiness- regardless of size.

The way you remember friends you haven't seen in months and years.

The way you subtly reminded me one day when I was distracted that it was time to leave the dog park by walking over to our parked car (on your own) and sitting next to the driver side front door- patiently waiting for me to notice your absence and your desire to leave.

The way you patiently reminded me that I had forgotten to take your for a morning walk by coming over to my computer desk, wagging your tail and giving me a kiss. A computer widow indeed.

The way you whisk your tail against my foot to get my attention if I have been working too long at the computer.

The way you obey instantly while interpreting every single command- do you ever stop thinking?

The way you can retrieve a ball, at the same time barking with the ball in your mouth and not beneath swooping "junk food" from the ground on your return and then sit down perfectly in front of me with a grin as if to say, "Am I not a good girl?".

The way you greet me upon returning from a long trip, crying with joy.

The way you amaze those who don't know you with your beauty and near perfect obedience. Tasha- who obeys from love and is truly free.

The way you have taught me the boundlessness of love. One can never have too much.

The way you care for me and try to cheer me up when I am sad by doing the "little" things.

Tasha, most of all I love you for you.
Never a better and truer friend...Never

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