A deep, sensitive soul...loving and always present.
I love you. Wherever he is-there will always be beauty.

May 2010...

So sensitive. So difficult for him to lose his friends.  Difficult to be alone. Yet always filled with a joy- dancing in the wind, chasing his tail, playing with the pack, rolling on the ground, frolicking in the snow- chasing squirrels.- running in the tall grass. Oh yes- catching the ball- a world famous tight end- speed and power- focus and flair.

March 2009...

I almost lost my Toby this month. Day after day I was with him- crying, encouraging, endless kisses- everything I could do to make him feel better- to buoy his spirits and help his body heal. He is healing now- whatever toxins in this polluted world caused this- I am struggling to identify- in the meantime there is the ever present realization of how brief our time together is. A gentle, sweet soul- endlessly beautiful and a reminder of the beauty in all life- all that is worth preserving. I love him so much.

December 2007...

Each day Toby grows happier and more playful and the bond between us deeper. He is a clown and loves to entertain. He dances, chases his tail, rolls in the snow and grass, loves to retrieve sticks and alas loves to chase squirrels. So eager to please and proud when he receives praise-which is every day.  Sweet, shy- we communicate with thought.  In his eyes I see my true mother's eyes.

July 2007...

Each day Toby and I grow closer. He is my guide, my brother- sensitive and sweet. In nature he he bold and free. In the world of men, he is still shaken at times by the noises of decaying technology. He is playful, calm. He is loving to all people and animals- beautiful in all ways.

First Days....

Toby is an amazing dog. He is 55 pounds, two years old and very handsome (the picture doesn't do him justice). He is extremely intelligent, calm and very sweet. He is great around other dogs, children and adults. We have bonded very quickly- it is as if we knew each other before. During the adoption process, I asked Toby three times whether he wanted to be with me. The first time, I asked him in my thoughts and he nudged me on the face with his nose. The second time, again with my thoughts, he turned to me and moved closer. The third time I spoke to him out loud and he communicated "yes". I also asked him if he would be good to my home, and he said he would try. Three times was enough!

As soon as I got him home, it was as if he knew the neighborhood and my home. He is at times a little hesitant on the leash- he never pulls and is always polite, but at times he will hesitate if he is unsure about a place. However, as soon as arrived home and got out of the car, he gingerly walked with me to a grassy area and I sensed that he felt the place was familiar. Maybe Tasha was talking to him and giving him pointers- I don't know. His table manners are excellent and he usually stays close to me in the house. He whines for brief moments and I think this is mostly due to the rapid changes he has been going through over the past week. The whining always stops when I pet him, but I am being careful not to inadvertently encourage him. He is very bright and he is constantly taking in things- you can almost see his mind at work.

From what I could learn, he was born in the wild. He is a mix of Chow, German Shepard and possibly Golden Retriever. For a couple of months, he was living in an orchard close to a family that had a ranch. Each day the puppy would come closer to the family's home. Finally they began tempting him with food and dog cookies. Once the family finally connected with him- he was all over them with love. They adopted him and he was with them for two years. For reasons that are unclear (they said he needed more love and attention), they gave him up to a no kill shelter in Washington. He was there a couple of days and then transferred down to the shelter in Portland (Family Dogs New Life). He was there 3 days before I adopted him.

Toby's way- everything he does- he is so calm and present and quickly understands what I want. He appears to be house broken and respectful of my home. Before we went to bed, he came to the side of my bed to be petted (he loves petting). I had the distinct feeling he was saying thank you for my adopting him. When you meet him, you will see what a wonderful spirit he has. He has the potential to be a therapy dog, but will have to overcome a bit of shyness. It is far too early to judge, given that the poor guy has been in four homes in two weeks.

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