The Tree

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Many many years ago there was a tree and a man. They met in a forest one day. They gazed at each other. The man fell in love with the tree and the tree fell in love with the man. The man so admired the beautiful outstretched branches of the tree- its youth- the vibrant leafs, the sweet sap, the gentile swaying of her branches in the breeze. The tree felt at home with the man- admired- finally known for who she is- a little less alone.

Years passed. The tree became less beautiful. Some of the branches were barren. She began to lean over a bit. The man grew bored. The tree was no longer as beautiful to him. The man was unhappy and the tree no longer made him happy. So one day the man moved on. He left the tree and never returned. At first the tree was puzzled. She said to herself, I thought he loved me. The sun loves me, the birds love me, the wind caresses me- they always return- we are never apart. But this man has disappeared. Why? Did he ever love me or was his love, like his rejection, nothing more than a game he played with himself. The tree felt used, but finally the tree understood the truth. The man never loved the tree, but only the saw the tree for what it could do for him. When the tree no longer did what the man wanted- he left.

The tree wonders- will I ever find true love? Will I ever be loved for who I am? The tree knows that she has always loved and has  always been loved- by the sun, the stars, the mountains, the river, the rain and the wind. But she also knows...the man never loved her. He cant even love himself.

When I think of past loves, imprinted on my brain and psyche
is only one refrain- over and over again it repeats...No more
lies. No more lies. No more lies.....I wonder if I was ever
loved for who I am.  A love undying- like mine.



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